From the Artist’s Den: Daniel Ahearn and “The Beautiful Ones”

To kick off the beginning of our YouTube Channel we decided to team up with a few artists and provide you with unique and personal takes of their music from a setting that is relaxing and personal to them. Welcome to Daniel Ahearn’s home and allow him to serenade you with his heartfelt and honest track titled “The Beautiful Ones”.

Daniel Ahearn said this about this gem:

“Here is the story of the song – the beautiful ones-

In 2011 I was talking to my friend Nina about being parents and how crushing the experience can be, how painfully beautiful the surrendering of the heart can be. My marriage was in trouble and i was confused about losing love and experiencing such a reorientation of the heart from being a father; I was baffled and sad and frightened at the dynamics.

My friend Nina warned me about things that can happen to children in this cruel world. She and I shared stories of our own traumas and scares from our youth, the pain of the thought of it happening to your own child is far worse than the pain of the memory.

She advised me to be vigilant about my child as she said ‘the beautiful ones are a prize, Daniel’

When i was a child my mother had a best friend who was the mother of my best friend. I remember them drinking a lot, happy mom wine drinking, holiday sloshed and yelling in laughter about their shitty ex-husbands.  the general agony of the 1980’s.

Even then I knew it was not going to go well. Later in my teens my mother and I drank so much we didn’t even notice there was a blackout in our neighborhood because our house was all lit by candlelight. the spun and pulled light thrown about the haunted house.

There is something darkly empty about a California Christmas and its heat and snowlessness… at least in memory.

As a child I would wait up all night, afraid of sleep or dreams, I wouldn’t fall asleep until I heard someone in my house wake up, and then I would try and sneak in the sleep that I could. I was told the maudlin and sad circles of my eyes were due to my Irish/Russian blood, it may well be those sleepless years as a kid spooked and talking to himself through the night.

In my 20’s I lived in NYC, there was a great and specific wildness there… all who live in NYC feel it or they did, it may be gone. I may have had the luxury of being the last generation who could be poor in new york, we lived out in Brooklyn in the late 1990’s.

We were a mess, all of us… some died, some waited another 15 years to die. There were efforts to make things and be things, a trying out of sorts that happens in the young. It was sticky and messy, it was pre-branding, pre-phoning, its just a gone time, which is to say nothing special at all, but it also says a lot.

There is this memory of just hiding from the wrath that came in waves when he returned home, a basic survival hiding… there is also a hiding in the sweetness of a specific and singularly owned experience. A thing between just us, you and me, a desire to be unfound. The safety of the defined parameters, as a young child there was hiding, a teen in his car with another, there was hiding. A young adult in the bleak outskirts of any town or night trying to dig into something bleeding out beyond mischievous, beyond the strength of the word ‘partying’.

So many loves of mine have had birthdays in the summer, none more a love than my son. An amulet to cure all the ails for me, A righting of the course of life. May all the parents love their kids this way.

I would and do anything to be around him and the feeling of his handing sliding into my hand and the slight squeeze of that pulse. Well, that may just be the whole show.

I have this app that keeps popping up on my phone it says ‘don’t forget, you’re going to die’…thats the whole app. And I really want be conscious of life while i am living. grateful for the cuts, deep and shallow, that keep me in love with this gift.”

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