Netflix Hunting: The End of the F***ing World

The End of the F***ing World

Based on a graphic novel of the same name by Charles Forsman.

This amazing and riveting dark comedy/drama is one of the latest additions to the Netflix lineup and it is truly a beauty. It dwells in subjects that are real and yet at times seem like fantasy, but we understand for a fact that all we see could happen and might have happened to someone already. It takes topics that are sometimes labeled as taboo, but it does so in a way that flows like silk from episode to episode. Not only that, but there is a genuine evolution in the main characters (James and Alyssa) that is eye catching and keeps you on your seats making the show binge-worthy.

It is without a doubt one of the most brilliant and intoxicating series that Netflix has served us with. Each episode builds up to the next one and the story grows on you. While at first you may find yourself in an unexplored and even scary world, you start seeing the beauty in it and understanding that something is happening in it. You learn to fear, hate, love and even feel a certain sadness for the characters as their individuality begins to be shown. It’s not only about James and Alyssa (Alex Lawther and Jessica Barden) but also about all the other characters that surround them like the James’ father, Alyssa’s mother, Alyssa’s estranged father, Alyssa’s prick of a step father, the two detectives (DC Eunice and DC Teri) and all the people they encounter.

The series also touches as mention earlier on several topics that range from suicide, theft, drugs, bullying, sexuality, coming of age and so much more. While as an adult you can enjoy the comical and understand the nature of the dramatic, I would recommend that if someone young wants to see it then someone of proper age should be there to answer any questions (because blaming a show for anything is just lazy parenting and utter bulls#!t …pardon my french). So explore the quirkiness, the awkward shows of affections, the exploration of sexuality, the growth, the slow change into adulthood and so much more of what makes this show truly binge-worthy.

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