Nomads listen to: “Fighting” by Machine Age

Artist: Machine Age

Song: Fighting

Release Date: 2017/2018

Signed with: Unsigned

Country: Australia

Genre: Indie Rock

Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Australian indie artist Adrian Mauro aka Machine Age delivers a mesmerizing and truly honest song with his latest single “Fighting”. He speaks to the listener in a way that we can relate and truly connect with each sentence within it. The song takes life and the experiences in it and embraces the uphill battle to make sure dreams are turned into reality. We can really embrace this fighting spirit as I believe we all have something we are willing to give our all for. Not only that, but the song reminds to fight and give our best for those that truly matter and not for the nonsense of being liked by others who have no true say in your life.

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Angelo Peixoto
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