Nomads listen to:”Isic Tutor” by Xavier Dunn

Artist: Xavier Dunn

Song: Isic Tutor

Release Date: 2018

Signed with: 1825 Records

Country: Australia

Genre: Indie Pop

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Poetry was set in motion the minute Xavier Dunn started writing this track and thinking of the melodies to house it. The track is magical, beautiful and has something about it that makes it feel and sound as if from another plane of existence. It caresses the most perfect union of melodies and the softness of his voice simply dances around each note and verse making it one of a kind. “Isic Tutor” is hands down one of the best track I’ve had the pleasure to hear not only this year, but quite frankly of all time. He stayed true to his natural gift for mixing electronica and pop and now allows his original creations to take shape and form and fly into the sky.

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“Isic Tutor” by Xavier Dunn via Style by Nomads

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